How to be ugly…

Not mine, but since I’ve dealt with this issue a lot this week in myself and others, I figured I’d post this.



1. Be un-passionate.  Live your life like there’s nothing greater to live for than yourself. Be satisfied with the status quo, and just sit there and let your eyes droop. Live your life like its too hard to smile, or too hard to see how blessed you are. Wake up in the morning and groan because you don’t want to wake up today and ignore the fact that a lot of people didn’t get to wake up today. Act like God isn’t worth your time or energy and believe that it wouldn’t make a difference if you spent time with him anyways. Be lazy, sit and let yourself rot. Be passive, make excuses. Just don’t care. Compare yourself to the person who is caring even less. Whatever your doing is enough.

2. Be proud. Mentally degrade everyone around you and judge them as lesser than you and make sure your eyes are shifted into that position that tells them that. Don’t befriend people who are fatter, uglier, or weaker than you. Believe that people aren’t worth your emotions or energy and that they probably deserve your ignorance. Reject others before they get the chance to reject you, because its not worth it to love someone if there is any risk of rejection. Walk into a room and think you are better than everybody and that you deserve everybody’s respect just because you are _________. Brag whenever you get the opportunity, so you can try to force people to realize how great you are, and ignore the idea that they will probably see that for themselves.Walk into a room and act like you own the place, drive onto the freeway and act like you own the road and when people cut you off/tailgate you, muster up your angriest face, glare at them, and yell. Don’t allow people to get into your lane, cut them off before they try, they should have known this lane was yours in the first place.

3. Be unforgiving. If somebody argues with you, automatically feel like they are attacking you personally so you can hurt them back as quickly as possible. Automatically think they had no right to stand up to you and make sure they never dare to do it again.  Remember all the bad things a person has done and make sure they realize how they are bad people.

4. Be selfish. Believe your own selfishness/self-fulfilling pursuit is much more important than love. Step over people and don’t think about how you may be affecting their lives. Gossip, and ignore how badly you would probably feel if you were the one being gossiped about. Never regard others for the sake of unconditional love, but always contemplate every relationship to make sure that it somehow benefits you in the end or works to your advantage. Be unappreciative and don’t thank people for their efforts, you never cared enough in the first place.

Honestly, I can get pretty ugly. 
I need more beauty/love/passion. I don’t wanna wake up one day and realize that I let so many years go by, wasted. I need to fit as much love as I possibly can in this very short life of mine. Time is of the essence. Passion is urgency.

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