Setting the Foundation

Fair warning: For the next few posts…I will probably be geeking out about my running/training experiences. I will try not to post back to back like this, but I am just so freaking excited about this whole 1/2 marathon thing…I can’t help it. So enjoy:

I got my shoes! I LOVE them!!! I’m not much of a shoe girl, but after todays shopping experience, that has all changed. My shoes rock!!!

My super happy feet after my run ūüôā

Buying running shoes was¬†definitely¬†an experience. ¬†First, they¬†measured¬†my feet, which honestly I haven’t done in years. ¬†The last time my feet were measured, I was six and ¬†they were measured by a Payless shoes salesman. I’m not a fan of getting my feet touched by people at all, but I didn’t whine and sucked it up. ¬†Then, they had me stand on this Temperpedic-like mold thing to see where I place the most pressure when I stand. Next, they had me get on a treadmill barefoot and they filmed my feet. I was pretty nervous about that and the whole time I focused on not falling off, but I did fine. I had a friend there for moral support. I also discovered running barefoot on a treadmill feels pretty awesome.

After the pressure thing and watching me on the treadmill, they asked me what my shoes would be for, if I had a race coming up and if I liked to run on pavement or a trail. They put all that info into their system and BAM!, they knew what shoes to get for me.

It's like MAGIC!!!

I found out that when I walk or run, my feet roll inward. When I take steps, I step with the outsides of my feet. I have a fairly normal arch and most of the pressure on my feet is placed in my heels. They wanted me to get shoes with decent arch support and insoles (I think) that would help balance the pressure on my feet, moving some of the pressure from my heels to my toes. The guy had me step on this mold like thing, touched my feet again with the insoles molds and had me step off the molds. Finally, he handed me the worlds most comfortable socks so I could try on running shoes. OMG. I knew that I’d been suckered and the socks were coming home. I still have them on. They may never come off.

That's not mold, it's the extra cushioning...

My shoe tech (I suppose) handed me off to one of the sales guys to try on shoes. I have fairly large feet because I am almost six feet tall. Usually when I purchase shoes, primarily athletic shoes, they NEVER have my size and I have to switch to a men’s shoe. Men’s shoes aren’t bad, and my last pair were the most¬†feminine¬†looking pair of New Balances I could find. ¬†I just want to be able to purchase women’s shoes for a change. So when the guy told me my correct shoe size (apparently in the past I’ve purchased the wrong shoe size for running), I just knew that I would have to settle for mens shoes again. However, this was not so and I was practically beaming as the sales guy brought out FOUR pairs of shoes in my size for me. Hooray!


My first pair to try on were a pair of Asics. They fit like a glove, they didn’t look ginormous, and they were electric blue. WIN! I knew immediately that I had found the perfect fit for me, but tried on the other three anyway. I almost didn’t purchase the Asics when I heard the price tag. My inner bargain diva practically had a melt down. I figure if I want good shoes and want to run without hurting myself, I have to ignore the price and see it as an investment. Once I got over that, 45 minutes later…I walked back to my friend’s car with an awesome pair of shoes, custom insoles and of course, the super comfortable socks.

They feel like this...seriously.

After devouring Chinese food and shopping for Valentines for my friends, I was anxious to get home and try out my new shoes. I practically day dreamed about running in them my entire drive back home. Once I got home, I practically leaped out of my car, opened the box and took the shoes out. I planned on going for a run in that very moment, but I remembered that jeans cause chaffing and decided to run up to my house to put on something I could run in. On the way up, in my excitement I stopped and took photos. My neighbors probably think I am nuts now, if they didn’t already:

Yes ,I took pics. No, I don't care if you think I'm a dork...

Once I got properly dressed, I properly stretched (something I haven’t been doing), pranced around my driveway in my new shoes like a flamingo, and took my shoes for a spin. I had probably one of my best and fastest runs. YAY. Usually I have to stop a lot because my shins scream at me around 15 minutes into my run, but this time I didn’t stop once. Not once. It felt great to run without being hindered by shin splints. I am so grateful that I took everyone’s advice about the shoes. It’s really improved my run.

The only thing that worries me is that I am slipping out of my right shoe. I asked around, and I found out I probably need to re-lace my shoe. If that doesn’t work, I gotta go back to the store to get a size smaller which wouldn’t be a terrible thing.

After I finished my training for today, I really wanted to keep going, which is weird for me. ¬†Usually after a run, or in the middle of it, I am ready to throw in the towel. ¬†Today, I felt I could have stuck another mile on. In fact, I’m practically jumping out of my skin trying to keep myself from throwing on my shoes and sneaking another mile in. ¬†But, from what my training plan says, I need to pace myself and not over do it. Tomorrow is a rest day…LAME…and it’s going to be even harder to keep myself from wanting to run. I figure that’s a good problem to have, no?

Besides, I'll be ready if THIS ever happens...

So, my first training day was AWESOME. Maybe it’s the high from running, or knowing that I am actually going through with this, but I am super happy. ¬†Also, incredibly grateful. To everyone who’s given advice, offered to help out, gone shoe shopping with me and been supportive…thank you so much! It’s very appreciated.

Here’s to six months of training…and not giving up ūüôā

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