Running makes everything better…

I had an off day emotionally and felt like my head was going to explode. I miss my mom a ton. I have no idea why Valentines Day triggered me concerning my mother, but it happened. So, I embraced my inner introvert, bailed out on friends, threw on my running shoes and hit the pavement.

Although it was one of my training days, I found my self running to release emotion instead of adding on milage or speed. The downside to this; I didn’t stretch before my run. I did a warm up walk for five minutes and then I just took off. I’m feeling it now. My butt, calves and hamstrings hurt! It was pretty dumb to run like that without stretching, especially with it being cold; I just hope that my muscles forgive me tomorrow.

Tonight I did a few sprint intervals and I felt like I was flying. It felt good to have the cold air hitting my face. I even held out both arms as if I was flying. That did not last long because I am a klutz, it was dark and I did not want to accidentally fall into the canal and ruin my new shoes.  But man, it really felt great. I haven’t done those in a while.

I am finding that emotion-fueled running is fantastic. I run faster, harder and longer. During those runs filled with emotion, I don’t feel my muscles screaming at me and I don’t tire out as quickly. Every piece of anger or sadness that I carried throughout  my day seems to fall on the pavement. At the end, my anger and sadness were pretty much gone. My body is a little sorer, but emotionally, I feel better.


Looking forward to another run tomorrow 🙂

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