She takes the blame
She covers the shame
Removes the stain
It could be her name

It’s a name for a girl
It’s also a thought that changed the world
And when she walks on the street
You can hear the strings
Grace finds goodness in everything

Grace, she’s got the walk
Not on a ramp or on chalk
She’s got the time to talk
She travels outside of karma
She travels outside of karma
When she goes to work
You can hear her strings
Grace finds beauty in everything

Grace, she carries a world on her hips
No champagne flute for her lips
No twirls or skips between her fingertips
She carries a pearl in perfect condition

What once was hurt
What once was friction
What left a mark
No longer stings
Because grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things

Grace makes beauty out of ugly things

This is probably one of my favorite songs by U2.

Grace. It is something we all have through Jesus. Everyday I am thankful for that. Grace overlooks my humaness. It means that I can fall ( and I do that QUITE often) and be forgiven. It keeps me clean, even when I feel like garbage. It means that I am saved and bound to spend an eternity with Christ.

I'm in it for the wings...and the sword. I've always wanted a sword.

Because I am a daughter of Christ, I am supposed to be like Him and offer that same grace that he offers me and forgive others. I’m struggling a bit with grace and forgiveness this week. So, I looked up a few verses on these so I would know how the bible says to handle it. Here’s what I found:

I am not to fight sin with sin. When others slap one cheek, I am to offer my other (Matt 5:39).

Since God has forgiven us, we must offer the same to others (Matt 18:35) (Eph 4:32), (Matt 6: 14-15)

Once I have forgiven someone, I am supposed to release them from their fault (Mark 11:25-16)

If someone continues to screw up, I am to forgive them again and again. (Luke 17:4)

So after looking at all this, it’s pretty clear…I have to have grace and forgive. It’s mandated that I do so. God won’t forgive me if I can’t offer that same grace to others. So, I try to model this in my relationships with people. But, I am human and that often gets in the way of me giving grace.

In my brief prayer time, I had a few questions for God on this subject:

1) We only have two cheeks.

What do we do when the other has been slapped? Can we start slapping them back? There are times that I encounter people that make me  want go on a slapping spree. Or give them a high five…in their face.


2) You say that if someone offends us seven times a day, we are to forgive them seven more times.

But, what if they are on their eighth offense? Are we allowed to bonk them?  Just one good whack? Can I tell them what I’m really thinking no matter how mean it would be? It would make me feel better.

It's therapeutic...really.

3) How do I give someone more grace when I feel I don’t have anything left to give? 

Of course I did not expect God to approve of my solutions for questions 1 and 2; I was just venting my frustrations. But as for question # 3, I really want to know:  How do I give more grace when I feel there is none left to give? How do I find the ability to forgive when there are people out there who are continually hurtful? Am I weak because I keep forgiving?

I ask myself “What would Jesus do?” and I know he would forgive again and again, just as he has done for me. But I am not Jesus. I am human. When I am fed up,  I want to invoke “Shaccola” (my friend Claudia’s name for my inner black girl) and just let the claws come out. I want to spew every angry, hurtful thought that crosses my mind when I am angry. I want to bonk people in the head. In my anger, I can almost be ugly and animalistic.

I'd advise you to run...

When it’s all said and done, I know that being ugly won’t make me feel any better. I know acting outside of grace will just make things worse.  Nothing good comes out of things said or done in anger.

Well...except this.

Somehow, I have to find it in me to have more grace. To be loving,  even when I really just want to whack someone upside their head. God has extended so much grace to me, I owe him my life to do so with others. So, when I am angry and feel like I rather push someone into a pool than offer any more grace, I will refer back to the verses listed above and remember the last lines my favorite U2 song:

What once was hurt
What once was friction
What left a mark
No longer stings
Because grace makes beauty
Out of ugly things

That’s all from me folks. Off to enjoy the start of my weekend.

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