Why wait for tomorrow?

Last week I semi jokingly wrote a blog about writing a zombie novel before I die. I got a lot of feedback from that post, and a series of posts on facebook that followed after. Well, one week later, I’m a little over thirty pages into my zombie novel. I have no title for it yet, nor do I know how I am going to start the first chapter, but its got a great prologue. I started with the middle and pieces of the ending first. It’s a weird method, but it works for me.

I love this…

I have not written fiction in such a long time, it feels great to do it again. The downside to writing again, is that I have totally blown off my running. Bad Alexis. I am forcing myself to go after work on Wednesday so I can nail my usually four miles down. I should be at six miles a day by now. I have ten weeks left to train and if I increase my millage by one mile a week, I should be good. Next time I train for a race, I’m giving in and training with a buddy. Hopefully they will be way more disciplined than I am and be willing to crack the whip every once in a while when I don’t feel like running.

I had to sift through a lot of weirdness to get this image…

I haven’t had any trouble keeping myself motivated to write. Once I started doing this, it’s really become something I think about on a daily basis. My first week into this has been a lot of fun.

I’ve learned a lot about myself and my friends since I started this awesome madness.

1) I have really awesome, hilarious, and supportive friends.

When I first started writing, I had three friends that I knew I would  automatically send my work to. I knew they would be honest with me, give good feedback and that I could trust them not to leak it to others. Well, that group has grown to eight. I have eight editors now, and they are fantastic. These are friends who asked to read my stuff. It was nerve racking to send it out to them, but I am so glad I did. They are as great as my original three:  they point out the errors, give great ideas, and most of all ,they actually read it. It’s really been great. For the ones who haven’t read it, they still spend tons of time with me on Facebook brainstorming. They send me weapons to research, combat methods to try and other zombie related stuff.

Did you know that Guns & Ammo has a blog that tells you everything you need to know to survive the zombie apocalypse? I didn’t. Thanks Mikey!

To my excellent eight (shut up, I know that’s cheesy) thank you so much. Thank you for the plot ideas and feedback. Thank you for answering all my text messages emails and Facebook messages.  Thanks for being willing to talk to me for hours on end about something that is complete fantasy. You guys are all getting royalties and a trip on me if this thing takes off.

We’ll probably be singing this on our trip 🙂

2) I have a really dark mind.

Depressed or not; it looks like I still have the ability to come up with some pretty dark stuff. Yay! It’s nice to know that I don’t have to be on the brink of self destruction to write a horror/action story. It’s nice to write for the fun of it, not because I am feeling so dark, hopeless and twisted that its the only way I can express what is going on.

This is a terrible place to be no matter how creative it makes you.

3) People reading your stuff is absolutely exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.

When I email my first three friends, although I trusted them, I wasn’t sure how they were going to like what I wrote. When I got some positive feedback from them, I included a few more friends: one of those being probably one of my biggest critics, another I view as a mentor, a family member and the last friend I had no idea what to expect. I was terrified to send them my work, but I am glad that I did. They’ve helped a lot and helped me get over my fear of completely sucking. I know that not everyone will like what I write and I am okay with that. One of my friends said to write no matter what anything else thinks. I’m sticking to that.

Overall this has been a great experience. I’m glad I decided to do it and that I am not bored with it yet. I know I planned to have this as something to do in the future, but why wait for tomorrow when you can accomplish something today?


4 thoughts on “Why wait for tomorrow?

  1. Hey, so glad you are writing again & that you feel open to it..I can tell you have a lot of fun writing it because i have a lot of fun reading it! 😀 I can just see that this book is going to be amazing just from the few chapters you’ve written. Remember you are talented & fabulous throughout life andu this creative process! ^_^

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