We’re not 21 anymore…

Been in a funk for a while, and a friend mentioned that I should try to write again. So I am giving it a shot.

I recently had a night out with the girls and it was a blast.

Knowing that we all love to dance, one of my friends decided that we should get together and have a girls night filled with dancing in Scottsdale. It’s hard for all of us to get together at the same time . We have conflicting schedules and one friend works at night. Thankfully, the gods smiled down on all of us and granted us time to get together. We decided on Friday night and booked a hotel room to so we wouldn’t have to worry about driving home after all the festivities.

Our awesome crash spot.

It’s been quite a while since I last hit the club scene. I had the perfect outfit, but the way I’d been feeling all week, I know I needed a boost.  Wanting to look good after a long day of talking to psychiatric patients and somewhat feeling like one, I headed over to Sephora after work to buy some foundation.

Unlike my sister and most girls my age, I have no idea what to do when it comes to make up. While most girls were busy playing in their mothers makeup, I was climbing tress, jumping off of tall buildings with trash bags and fishing out of my mothers fish tank. I’d thought I’d catch the makeup bug once I hit my teens, but I never took to it. It was too much work and time, and when I did manage to put some on, I ended up looking like a clown.

I’ve been guilty of this.

So, I avoid it.

I can do the basics: foundation, mascara,  BASIC eyeshadow (on a good day) and lip gloss. Anything out side of that is a disaster. Last time I tried something outside of my realm, fake eyelashes, I glued my eye shut.

So with that background, and wanting to do something fun, I knew I’d need help. It took a salesperson two minutes to figure out that I was out of my realm, and I landed an awesome makeover. Thank you Oliver.

You took me from this:

To this:

After the makeover, I met the girls at the hotel, got dressed, went to dinner and headed out to the clubs. The last time we all went out together in Scottsdale, we were 21, and I remember having a pretty good time. Axis Radius is great because it has two sides: one for hip hoppers like me, and another side for those who like to dance to house music.  It was the last place we visited, so we decided to start there.

I think we were all expecting this:

Notice how they are actually dancing…

Instead, we got this…

Oooo, what is this light? What does it mean?


Now granted, I know it’s been eight years since I’ve visited this place, but wow have things changed. The hip hop room is now this weird dub step/ trance room where people all face the same way, watch a screen with several super random scenes, and they would suddenly start pointing/swaying/ seizing to the music. Very odd, yet entertaining.

Occasionally the music would give commands. For example:

(BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM) “You will clear your mind, and sacrifice you soul to the darkness…for a cupcake*.” (BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM)

The cupcake trance gods are not pleased.

*Okay, so the music really didn’t say cupcake, but it was still weird. Trust me.

We did attempt to dance in this room for a bit. I’m not a great dancer by any means, but I can pretty much find the beat and keep a rhythm. I am not sure that this music had a beat that didn’t require awkward jerking, but I went with it. After a while, we decided to move to the house music side of the club.

This side wasn’t terrible and actually had better music. We were able to dance, although we were the only ones dancing.  Everyone else just stood around the room. Another girl was dancing alone and she managed to thrash one of my friends several times with her long hair, no matter how many times we tried to move out of the way. They did have a go go dancer who did her go go dancing thing. After about a half an hour, we decided to look elsewhere for entertainment and failed. We ended up back at Axis Radius and ended our night out about an hour after that.

The night was still a lot of fun and I had a great time out with my girls. The night overall provided a lot of visual entertainment and Axis/ Radius is great place to people watch.

If you haven’t been clubbing in a while, here’s what you are missing:

People no longer dance in clubs.

Maybe this is just a Scottsdale thing, but it seemed like no one wanted to dance. Everyone stood around with drinks in their hand, yelling over the music. We went to one place that had great dance music…no dancing. How can you not move when you hear music? What’s the point of going to a club if you are going to stand around and yell? I can do that at home for free. One of my friends corrected me and said that people still dance…they just bob and point. Sadness.

Girls wear super short dresses/ skirts that are apparently made out of ace bandages.

Should I wear a red, or black dress tonight?

Apparently the new thing is to go to the club with practically nothing on. Okay, maybe it’s not completely new, but it seems like more women are showing a lot more from what I remember. There were one too many near misses with the beaver sightings. Come on ladies…how is that comfortable? What are you trying to attract, even better what do you expect to attract?  Is this the reason why dancing has gone to the wayside? Are clubs are trying to prevent the impending beaver apocalypse if any of you attempted to dance in those outfits? There’s nothing wrong with wearing a nice top with jeans or a cute dress. What happened to class?

Not okay.

There is sexy and there is being a skankasaurus. Don’t be a skankasaurus. You can have fun and still look like you have some class.

The grabby guys are still there.

Sigh, somethings never change.  Although you expect to for someone to brush against you while dancing, every once in a while you get that guy who is a little too friendly. While in the trance/ hip hop room, this random drunk/high/stoned guy saunters over to me, puts an arm around my waist and starts yelling:

“This music…do you get this?! It’s the (insert random explicative here) right?! You feel it right?! She gets it! She gets it!”

Um. No. I don’t get it.

This is what I get:

1) You are super high/drunk/ stoned. Please find a bathroom and get that crap out of your body. I don’t want to see you at my hospital.

2) Do I know you? Did you just try to grab my “no no” zone? Not okay. You are one step away from being strong armed into a wall.

I did not feel like I was in any danger  but I was pretty annoyed. Oh well.  I knew that if this guy got too frisky, any one of my friends could have taken him. Besides, how can you feel threatened by a guy who is inebriated and wearing women’s jeans?

I can’t wait til this fad is over…

Despite the weirdness, we had a really good time and lots of laughs once we got back to the hotel room. The best part of the night for me was getting to dance like a zombie with friends. It was a great night and a fun way to end a funky week. I am always thankful for friends and this night will definitely go down as one of my favorite memories with them.

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