Run Your Race

The past two weeks have been amazing.

My first weekend I traveled to Fresno to see friends and family. I had a blast.  Saturday, I went to the Greek fest, got to know a friend a little better, ate awesome greek food and learned that the “talk like a pirate card”  may be one of the worst things ever created.

Best game ever, even when you get scurvy and become a slave.

The rest of my time there, I got to cook with some of my favorite people, finally experienced the awesomeness that is La Parisienne, hung out in Kingsburg Lady and the Tramp style and got chased by a ton of wild zombie geese (not really zombies, but still just as frightening). It was a great trip home, and I hated to leave.

I love Fresno. It’s home. It will always be home. It took leaving to realize what a great place it is.3 The city isn’t extraordinary itself, but the people are amazing. This last trip confirmed for me that it’s where I am supposed to be. So today, I am sending out my application to a few of the job inquiries I’ve received over the past few months. I’ve been afraid to do it, but now…I know it’s where I am supposed to be. I’ll keep you all posted on how things turn out.

My second weekend was spent in Anaheim where I finished my first half marathon. It took me 3hr and 27 minutes to do it, but I finished. One of the happiest moments of my life was seeing that Finish banner hanging overhead. To cross that finish line had to one of my top ten favorite moments.

A sight for sore eyes. And legs. And feet…especially feet.

The crazy thing is, I almost bailed. I got hit with a ton of stress and a nasty bout of depression a month before race time. My training practically stopped. A week before the race, I found out my race partner got hurt. I figured this was a sign to just give up and bail, but then I pictured telling everyone that I was not going to go through with it. I couldn’t see myself facing everyone knowing that I gave up. I called a friend last minute, asked her to join me for race weekend and ended up having the time of my life.

Beyond happy in this moment.
And in this moment…
Especially in this moment. I love the beach 🙂

I learned so much about myself this weekend. I am stronger than I could ever imagine.  Whenever I feel weak, or feel like I am a failure, I’ll remember this past weekend. I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. Thirteen point freaking one, baby!

Despite what  life throws at you, you have to run your race.

Thank you to everyone who supported me. Thank you God for pushing me to know my worth and place my faith in you to finish. Thank you to Kyesha for motivating me to sign up for this race. Thank you to Cynde for taking a very last road trip with me. Last but not least, thank you Mom. This one was for you.

Finally done. Love ya Mom!

On to the next one…

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