Six Weeks-ish of Gratitude

I just got back from visiting Fresno and managed to see almost everyone. It was a great trip. Since returning, I’m a bit homesick. I rolled into work feeling kinda down when my coworker showed me this awesome video by Marie Ferleo:

I fell in love with her and the idea of having a gratitude journal for three weeks. Apparently studies show that if you journal at least once a day about what you are thankful for, your attitude, mood, everything improves at least 23% percent. That’s pretty sweet.

Who doesn’t want to be happier?

Being the person that I am, I decided to double it, and make it six weeks-ish of writing down what I am grateful for. So if my math skills are correct…that’s 46% increase in happiness. Heck yeah!

Gotta bring out the bro-fist on that one.

So from today till the end of the year, I am going to post daily things I am grateful for.

Day 1:

I am grateful for my job.

Everyday I am amazed that I get paid to do what I do. I basically get paid to be myself and do what I love. I work in a place where my creativity and quirkiness is accepted and encouraged. Where else can I take a roll of toilet paper and make it into a day of constructive groups about communication, relating to others and socialization? I walked into work this morning feeling down and having no idea what to do with my clients, and I ended up having a day of successful groups.

It’s not only for wiping your butt 🙂

I work with clients that challenge me daily and I love the challenge. Each and everyday I learn something new from my clients. I love encouraging them and bringing out the best of each of them. My clients also do the same for me. It’s very difficult to be shy and closed off in my field. My clients push me to be social, overcome my anxieties about meeting new people and help me become my best self. At first it was frightening, and sometimes it still is, but I push through.

Glad I am somewhat pass this 🙂

My job isn’t perfect and there are days that some of my coworkers really bug me, but overall I love who I work with. I have an extremely supportive and hilarious boss. He makes me laugh, offers support and continues to trust me with more tasks in our department, which I gotta say is pretty dang awesome.  The coolest part about my boss is that he hired me without my credentials, had enough faith that I would pass my exam and even provided study supports so I would succeed. That guy rocks.

We’re a supportive team.

I have another coworker who I never imagined I’d ever have as a friend, and she’s now one of my favorite people. We have a blast when we work together. She jokes with me, and embraces my  craziness. I do the same. She knows my weaknesses (structure, organization) and instead of faulting me for it, she helps me with it. I help her get used to rolling with the punches and working with a scatterbrain. It’s a match made in heaven.

It works.

We all love what we do and it’s refreshing working with people who actually like their job. I’m incredibly blessed.

A year ago I was completely miserable. I left home, a place where I was comfortable and surrounded by tons of support, to take a job that made me loathe my existence. That job shook my faith in everything. But when I think about it, I am thankful for that experience. If I had not hated being a vocational rehab counselor for the state of Arizona, I would have never considered going back to recreation therapy. Thank you Rehabilitation Services of Arizona, for if you had not sucked like you did, I wouldn’t have this awesome job.

Although you made me miserable, you pushed me to something greater. Thank you!

And there you have it…Day 1. After doing this, I really do feel better.

Will you do a gratitude journal? What are you grateful for?

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