Day 2: Trust

This daily gratitude journal is tough, but I committed to doing this…

So, for Day 2 I am grateful that I am trusted, that I can trust God and that I am starting to trust myself. I got a lot thrown at me today work wise, and my boss wasn’t worried at all. He totally trusted me to handle everything. Once everything was ironed out, our event ran successfully and everyone had a great time. It felt good knowing he had that much faith in me.

With this event, I learned to trust myself. I really wasn’t sure that I could pull this off, but I did. I really sell myself short sometimes. But, when I stop listening to that voice of doubt in my head and just go for it, I end up doing just fine.

The coolest thing about all of this is that everything that is happening with my job is totally setting me up with awesome experience with the military guys. This will help me a ton as I am hoping to transfer back to Fresno for a position with the Veterans Home. The more I do with our military group, the more I can add to my resume. Sweet!  I think God knew I needed more experience in this area, which would explain the sudden increase in job duties.

God had a plan all along…whew! I can stop trying to be a control freak and just trust Him. And that feels good.


So, there you have it…Day 2. Off to enjoy a mug of eggnog…yum!

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