Day 4: My bootleg San Diego

Today was not easy and I needed to escape. I grabbed a cookies and cream frap with almond milk, my  worship music, headphones and beelined to my spot after work.

I am grateful for Tempe Town Lake, which I lovingly call “my bootleg San Diego”. I have always loved being by the water and Tempe Town Lake is the biggest body of water nearby. I can walk it for hours just listening to music, talking to God, or just hanging out in my head.

I love it best at sunset.

I love this place

I got to walk it for a good 30 minutes before I was interrupted by a friend. I plan to go back tomorrow evening.

BT-Dub…I’ve been listening to this group on Spotify non stop for the past two days. Just discovered them and love them. Thank you Tara for having awesome taste in music!

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