Day 5-6: Weekends and Internet

I missed yesterdays post because I was out having fun with one of my friends and did not make it home in time to post. So, I’m combining this one.

Yesterday was the first time in nine months that I didn’t have to work on a Saturday (with exception to my visits to Fresno). When I woke up yesterday, I half expected to be in Fresno. Then I remembered that I only work one Saturday a month now, and hugged myself with joy. I am actually off work with the rest of my friends and can now have some sort of social life. Yay!

So for my first official Saturday off, I spent the day with a friend and had a blast. On top of seeing Breaking Dawn, we did some light shopping, watched several episodes of Walking Dead, That Girl and Happy Endings and pigged out a bit. It was a good Saturday and boy did I need it!

So, I am grateful for Saturdays and the free time they bring. Yay.


Day 6: Internet

My home church is in Fresno and oh boy, do I miss it. Thankfully, they are awesome enough to post their services live on line. It’s different watching everyone I love at the church I love, but it works. I’ll get to move home soon. In the meantime, I am thankful for the internet so I can still feel a part of my church.


Seriously, if you ever get a chance, check out one of the services. It’s an amazing place.

That’s all from me. Happy Sunday!

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