Day 7: A Mom I Can Borrow

Kinda scattered today, and left my laptop at work. So I’m doing my gratitude journal from my phone. I hope it posts!

Today was nuts, soooo I really needed an ear just so I could vent about the craziness I encountered all day. I yelled at God about them, not that I was angry with Him, I just needed to yell. Although, it was mostly in my mind :p

Once I was done I asked my friend’s mom if I could talk to her about my day. For me, that is huge. It felt weird to call some one just to vent as I reserved that job for my mom. Well shes no longer here, so I’m learning to make God my person. It’s a work in progress.

Every now and then, I just need a person to talk to. A person to fill that mom role.
To allow someone else to take that role, even if it was for a bit, was kinda scary for me. I always worry that I’m burdening them with my problems. I knew that I would just fester with todays happenings and not sleep, so I reached out. I am so glad I did. I feel tons better.

So today, I’m thankful that I was able to put aside my pride and tell someone about my troubles. I’m thankful to have friends whose parents are so awesome, they treat me like one of their own :).

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