Day 9: Attitude

For the past few weeks, I’ve been in a funk over the chaos that has become my job. I’ve let it consume me. I’m noticeably crabby and I hate coming across that way to others. The other therapists have been reminding me to smile and that never happens. So, I knew I needed to tweak something and fast.

My inner Hulk has been simmering on the surface; also I want this shirt.

I’m doing a bible study called Holy Emotions, Biblical Responses to Every Challenge. I’m three weeks in and its helped a lot. The funny thing is, today’s topic directly related with what I have been feeling for the past few days.  Instead of summarizing it because I am kinda lazy, I am just going to post it here. It’s from You Version if you want to check it out and the verses that go along with it are Psalm 22:1-5 and Romans 10:1-11.

If there is one place that God feels at home, it is in your praises. God sits down, puts up His lovely feet and relaxes when a believer chooses to worship. Conversely, when you throw a tantrum and rant and rave and shout out blame toward heaven, God is uncomfortable dwelling in that place. Our hearts are the dwelling places of God and we must be very careful as we determine the kind of atmosphere that we have created for the Lord to live in. I have learned in so many situations in my life, that the Lord is more interested in my heart than He is in changing my circumstances. Because the cry of my heart is to be more like Him every day, then, I, too, must have greater regard and pay more prayerful attention to what is developing in my heart than what is happening in my circumstances. We ask God to change our circumstances when what He desires is for our circumstances to change us.

As a believer, you have a choice to either magnify your pain and your disappointing circumstances or magnify your God in spite of your pain. Some of us talk more about our sadness and distress than we do about the Lord whom we serve. I can always tell by what a woman talks about what she has chosen, either consciously or subconsciously, to magnify.

As I meditate on the great men and women of God in the Bible who chose to serve Him and were used significantly at their historical time, there is not one who did not have to deal with disappointment. Esther was an orphan raised by a bachelor uncle and yet God used her to save the entire nation of Jews. Joseph was ridiculed by his brothers and was sold into slavery and yet he rose to second in command in Egypt and strategized to save his countrymen from severe famine. Daniel was kidnapped out of his childhood home and was forced into a den of ravenous, fierce lions and yet God used him as a force for righteousness in Babylon. God is not finished with you yet and He works with His children until He wins! Your disappointment does not have the power to dis-appoint you but may actually place you in a strategic position to be used by God.

After reading that, I realized that I was allowing my  frustrations with current circumstances turn me into a negative, irritable brat.  Most of my prayers have been spent whining to God instead of praising Him for the lesson I’m probably going to learn from all this madness. So I repented and before I went into work I prayed that negativity, confusion and fear not effect this day. My day ended up being really good; my groups were great and even though there were hiccups with our new program, I dealt with them without wanting to pull out my hair.

So today, I am thankful for recognizing that I needed to change my attitude and take a more proactive approach to the changes I’ve experienced over the last few weeks. Attitude is everything y’all. You can chose to let the chaos make you a jerk or learn to roll with the punches and learn from the experience.

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