Day 14: God Listens

Ever have those moments when you start to wonder if God really listens at all?

I  know I have.

There are times that I just ramble in my prayers or make requests in jest, thinking that my request is so ridiculous that God won’t take it seriously. You know, like a parent whose kid is asking for a pet dinosaur. The parent smiles, humors the child and waits till the desire of the child moves on to something else. At least that’s what my mom did.

How fun would a game of patty-cake be with this guy?
How fun would a game of patty-cake be with this guy?

Well, God isn’t like that. I didn’t ask Him for a pet dinosaur, although that would be fun. I asked for something that I thought to be silly…I asked to wake up to an overcast sky. You see, I live in AZ and with that comes a lot of sunshine. Most people would love that, but I am one of those weirdos who likes to see some grey clouds every now and then. My friends back home are posting pictures of fog and rain and I envy them. Like I said…I’m a weirdo. It’s December, and I feel like it’s June. I want some cold win and rain please!

So last night, as I struggled to fall asleep, I asked God if I could wake up to a cloudy morning. It didn’t have to be all day; if I could walk out onto my porch and see some clouds…that would be awesome. I wasn’t really serious; I was just talking to God before I went to sleep.

This morning I walked out on my patio this:


I stood on my porch smiling at the clouds not caring that I would be a few minutes late to work. I got my cloudy sky. It was gone as soon as I left Gilbert, but that didn’t matter…I got my clouds.

It reminded me: He is always listening, no matter how silly our requests seem. And He loves me, no matter what.

So for Day 14, I am grateful that God listens.

God, even though I can be difficult and a bit odd, thank you for listening to me.

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