Day 16: Yoga

For the past two weeks, I’ve been doing a special program for work  that allows them to go out in the community for a few hours. One of our programs is yoga. I haven’t done it since my grad program two years ago, and I forgot how tough it can be.  However, it’s a really good workout. I’ve realized that my upper body is super weak and now it’s time for me to work on all over body strength on top of the running.  It’s helped a lot with my muscle tightness from running, it’s helped with my core and it’s helped me relax at night. It’s also great for improving balance, which I desperately need. My first few times I fell over quite a bit, but I stuck with it and completed the session.

How people can be that flexible and balanced is beyond me...
How people can be that flexible and balanced is beyond me…

The best part of this whole thing is that my clients have never done it, and they LOVE IT. I have a blast doing the class with them. They are so excited to continue with the classes and are looking to make yoga a part of their daily lives.  I’ve been leaving work actually feeling like a recreation therapist, exposing my clients to new outlets for recreation, relaxation and leisure. Yay!

So today, I am thankful for yoga. I’m thankful for the benefits that I am receiving from it and that my clients are really benefiting from it. Success!!!

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