Day 17: Not Eaten Alive

I have Friday off…yay! I plan to have lots of me time, visit my bootleg San Diego and then catch a meal with one of my friends. It’s going to be a good Friday…

which might not have happened if I had been mauled and eaten alive by a large canal creature.

So I should back up.

I love taking my long walks at night in the county. It’s beautiful and cold out, no one is around and I can just hang out in my head while I walk and enjoy the stars. My usual place to walk is this canal that runs behind my house alongside this huge bird sanctuary that is about a quarter mile away. I never walk in the actual sanctuary at night because there are some gigantic birds that fly out of there and I don’t want to encounter any of them. So I figure that walking along the canal is relatively safe.

Doesn't that look safe and peaceful...
Doesn’t that look safe and peaceful…

Well…until now.

So around 10:45 at night, I hit the 3/4 mile of the canal. To my right, about three or so feet away I see a very large bird carcass sitting on the edge of the canal. All that is left are these huge ribs and feathers, and there are feathers EVERYWHERE. The last quarter mile is practically covered in feathers and whatever ate the bird dragged it for a while before stopping at the edge of the canal to leave its remains.  So at this point I am nervous and a few questions and revelations start to pop in my head:

1) What kind of bird is that? Or was that? Whatever it was, it was once very huge, at least it seemed huge. It could be because the ribs spread out after all the flesh was eaten off the bird. Who knows? Either way…that was a giant bird carcass. Yikes.

Pretty sure this is what it was. That carcass was pretty big.
Pretty sure this is what it was. That carcass was pretty big.

2) Where is the canal creature and what was it? Whatever it was had to be pretty big because the bird carcass is pretty big. Also, is the canal creature still around? The kill seems pretty fresh. I live in Gilbert; they don’t put up with litter or dead things lying around for very long.  Is it watching me now? Did they recently dump alligators in the canal? Can alligators run fast? I should start running…

I hope it doesn't like dark meat. Or yellow meat...
I hope it doesn’t like dark meat. Or yellow meat…

3) Running now… Could it be a coyote? There’s no way a coyote could do that much damage to a huge bird. They aren’t that big…unless they do the werewolf thing and morph at night. Oh God…I’m going to be eaten by a werewolf.

It's cute now until it turns into a werewolf and starts gnawing on your face.
It’s cute now until it turns into a werewolf and starts gnawing on your face.

4) I think it may be time to consider the time of night I decide to go on walks. If the canal creature is still around, no one will hear my screams because I am way out in the country. People will probably think it’s one of the horses or cows in my neighborhood.

5) I am really glad that I am not playing my Zombies Run game right now. Seeing that carcass would make things a little too realistic.

After all of these thoughts ran through my head, I picked up my pace and finished my night walk (now run) pretty fast…without being eaten. Yay!

So today I am thankful that I did not get eaten by a canal creature. It would have been really inconvenient to get eaten, not to mention pretty painful.

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