I figure I should write about this now, because next Sunday, I’ll be hanging out with my AZ peeps and probably be a bundle of joy/nerves/crazy…

(Fair warning, there is an over abundance of meme usage in this. Sorry. I usually try to stray from using these, but nothing else seems to work with this post)

I’m 14 days away from what I believe will be one of the most exciting adventures of my life.  I’m taking a roller coaster road trip that will start in Texas and end in Pennsylvania. The first leg of the tour, is a road trip with 96 other people visiting parks in TX, AK, WI, MO, IL, and OH. The last leg is a mini tour to three parks in PA, then back to OH where I get to spend some time with my siblings. The trip is about 20 days total. At the end of it, I would have ridden 94 coasters in all and driven thousands of miles. I so can’t wait!

Seriously the coolest thing I've probably ever done.
Seriously the coolest thing I’ve probably ever done.

In April, I signed up for the Theme Park Review Texas Midwest Tour with my friend Darin. He’s been talking about going on this tour for quite a while. It sounded like a great time but in the back of my head, I seriously doubted it would ever happen. 1) It was really expensive. 2) I was desperately trying to get back to Fresno and spending money on something like this seemed far from logical. 3) I just couldn’t see it happening at least not this year.

Well, I was wrong.

I had no idea what was coming...
I had no idea what was coming…

After visiting with my pastor from the RC in Cave Creek, I came home one Friday night  to an email from Darin  saying he’d signed up for the trip and it would be fun if I could go.


Before I even started my prayer to God about whether or not I should even consider this adventure, God shouted a very loud and clear YES.


I had so many questions:

Me:  Okay, God, what is going on?  Am I insane for actually wanting to do this?

God:  This is a great gift. You’re welcome. I said an abundance of joy is coming your way. Well, here is the start of it. You’re not insane. You’re going.

Me: How am I going to pay for this?

God: You have your savings and your state pension from AZ. You’re going.

Me: What about the job I was just offered?

God: Not the right job. You already know this. Sandi also confirmed this.  You’re going.

Me: What about the VA Home position? I’m supposed to be interviewing for that and trying to move home remember?

God: None of those things have happened yet. Stop worrying about future things. You’re going.

Me: I feel like I barely know him. Isn’t this something you’d rather have me do with one of my besties?

God: Well, get to know him. That’s who I’ve chosen to go. Stop making excuses. You’re going.

Me: What about…

God: Look, you asked for a long vacation before you started your new job. Well, here it is, times 1000.  I know this is not what you imagined, but this is what I am giving you. It is better than anything you could ever think up. You love roller coasters and you love road trips. You’re going to have a great time. Stop worrying about the details and over thinking; I’ve got everything covered. Again, you’re going.


It took me a day and a half from that conversation to sign up and send in my deposit. I was really, REALLY hesitant and very much on the fence about actually taking the trip. God hounded me ALL WEEKEND until I finally broke down and signed up.

God: Alexis…

Me: I’m going to sign up right after this commercial.

God: Send in your deposit Alexis.

Me: I promise I will. I just need to go take a walk at the lake.

God: Alexis…stop procrasinating. Send in your deposit and sign up.

Me: Are you sure you want me to do this? Is this really from you?

God: Nice try. Sign up Alexis. I won’t leave you alone until you do.

God is persistent. VERY.
God is persistent. VERY.

(While I’m trying to sleep) Sign up, Alexis. Have you signed up, yet? Sign up.

(While getting ready to meet friends) Have you signed up yet?

(While driving in my car) You still haven’t signed up? Sign up Alexis.

(While shopping for clothes) Sign up Alexis.

(While hanging out with friends) You’re signing up when you get home.

(While trying to go to sleep). You could have signed up tonight. You can still sign up now. Sign up.

(While eating breakfast) Seriously, you still haven’t signed up. Alexis…

(While getting ready for church) Look, here’s the link again. You should sign up now. Come on Alexis, it’ll only take you five minutes…

Me:  WOW OKAY FINE!!! I am signing up. See, here I go. I sent it via pay pal. I’m going. It’s done. I signed up.

God: That wasn’t so hard was it? Thank you.

Me: **grumbles**

Once I realized that I ACTUALLY sent money, BOUGHT a plane ticket and ACTUALLY signed up for the trip, theOMGWHATTHEHECKAMIDOINGAMICRAZYTHISISINSANEIMUSTBEOUTOFMYMINDHATISGOINGON freak out started.


I’m pretty sure I woke up every morning that first week and paced my apartment. I was happy, but OH BOY was I freaked out. I was in complete shock that this was actually happening. The craziest thing, everything I’d been through, every hardship and trial now started to make sense. If I wouldn’t have moved to AZ, and worked for the state, I wouldn’t have had the extra money to take the trip. If I would have taken any of those jobs I was offered, I wouldn’t have enough time built up to take off for this trip. I have over 100 hrs of PTO with my current company.  If I would have left AZ in April like I planned, I wouldn’t be able to afford this trip.  Everything was covered. Everything was taken care of.  I was getting what I asked for…and more. God was all over this.

This is the only picture that I can find that most accurately displays what I felt as all of this was going down.
This is the only picture that I can find that most accurately displays what I felt as all of this was going down.

Staying committed to going was not easy at all. So many things popped up immediately after I signed up that really made me question my decision to go. I wanted to leave Arizona SO BAD and this stuck a three month delay on that.  My current job got a lot harder (and is still hard to deal with). I got offered three more jobs, one that would pay for relocation and everything…and I had to say no. There were so many moments I was ready to say “screw this” and do my own thing. God would quietly remind me of the promise He made, the abundance of joy that was coming, my promise to stay on His “Yes Walk” and I’d eventually calm down. This whole thing has been a huge test of my faith (and sanity) but I feel stronger because of it.

Pretty much where I've been the last three months
Pretty much where I’ve been the last three months

It’s been three months since I signed up for this thing, and I think I just now stopped freaking out (sort of). Now there is just a ton of joy and excitement. There are still moments where I really think about this adventure I am about to take and I start to get a little freaked, but then the joy floods in and washes it away.

God blessed me with an epic adventure. EPIC.  He took two of my favorite things, put them together and added a friend to it. It really is perfect.  No one else could have given me this opportunity but Him. I feel like this is a “thank you for being faithful” gift from God. I love it. God is seriously the coolest dad ever.

So like I said, in two weeks from today, I will embark on one of the most epic adventures of my life. I have no idea what is coming, but I bet it is better than anything I could think up. There will be ton of pics. I can’t wait to share them with you all and update you on all the fun that I’ll be having.

As always, thanks for reading!

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