One Day


One Day

A little over 8 months ago, I had an appointment at Stanford University for a clinical trial in hopes to completely knock out my cancer. I was super excited about the appointment because it gave me hope to rid myself of cancer completely. I took a half day at work, drove up to SF to crash at my aunt’s place and have dinner with a friend. The next morning, we headed over to Stanford to find out about the clinical trial that could possibly save my life.

It was a huge fail.
They had no idea why I was there and there was no clinical trial for my cancer.

I was crushed.

Once I got away from Stanford, I was able to cry.

I texted friends and family to let them know how my appointment went. They offered their love and support.

I was so angry.

Why did this happen to me?!

Once I got home, I decided to drown my sorrows in a pint of ice cream because, ya know… ice cream is the answer to all life’s problems.

As I walked to my freezer, spoon in hand, God had a better idea:

“Alexis, you should write about this experience.”

So I put down the spoon and picked up my laptop.

I thought I would write about how angry and betrayed I felt by the whole situation.

That didn’t happen.

Instead, I kept being drawn back to the song I listened to on repeat during my entire trip to Stanford:

One day. One breath. One prayer. One day at a time…

The song was One Day, by Christa Wells. I stumbled upon it on Spotify as I browsed my Discover Weekly list.

I listen to this song on repeat for at least 3 hours. It kept me sane as I drove home from that awful appointment.

This song had such an impact on me that in less than an hour, I had a three-page piece written about this song.

God urged me to get it published.

I submitted it to several sites and ministries.

I kept getting rejection after rejection.

I knew that I was supposed to have this piece published but it seemed to go nowhere.

“Surely I heard God wrong”

Finally, I filed it away and planned on posting it to my own blog.

But God had other plans.

Earlier in the year, I signed up to submit devotionals to Devotable, a devotional app. God reminded of my article that I had written several months before that no one picked up.

God suggested that I submit it to Devotable for publishing. I hesitated, not ready for another rejection. But God insisted and I submitted my article.

A few weeks after I submitted it, I got an email from them. I was sure it was another rejection.

They loved my article but because I had used her lyrics, they would need to get permission from the artist to publish them in my piece. Landon, the founder of Devotable emailed and tweeted the artist for permission.

She said yes.

It’s amazing how God’s plans are so much bigger than ours. I had planned for this piece to be published so long ago but had completely given up. Yet God remembered a small wish I had when I wrote this devotion, for Christa to somehow read it, and know how much that song helped me.

I never expected her to see it, let alone know about it.

But God…

Check out my piece, One Day on the Devotable App:

Check out Christa’s awesome song here:


In other news…this will be my last post on A Peach in Italy because…

I started my own website!

I’ve had this blog for 8 years and I’m sad to say goodbye to WordPress, but God has me going in a completely different direction with my writing. In the past 5 months, I’ve written for online ministries, Christian blogs, and now apps. God wants me to focus more on my writing and to create something a little more professional. It’s scary, but I am doing it anyway.

You can follow me at A Peach In Cali:

I’m also on Instagram:

I haven’t created a Facebook page for my writing/business/whateverIamdoing…but I hope to get there someday.

Thanks for reading and following for the past 8 years; I appreciate it so much.

Tons of Love!


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